Who is Fresh Laundry?

Fresh Laundry is a family owned business.  We understand busy active lives and have a passion for removing our client's stress of doing laundry.  



Our mission is to manage our customers' laundry by providing pickup and delivery for affordable laundry services.

Philosophy and Vision:

We live by the values of honesty, community, cleanliness and timeliness to become the best laundry management service.

Why Fresh Laundry?

  1. There just isn't enough time for laundry.  Enjoy life to the fullest, and let us provide your Fresh Laundry.  

  2. No laundry equipment.​  You can have Fresh Laundry without leaving the safety of your home.

  3. The ability to do laundry is diminished or gone. ​ Fresh Laundry relieves your laundry burden and keeps you looking fresh!


With so many reasons to choose Fresh Laundry, we sum it up in two words. 

Simplify Life



To our current customers - Thank you for your business.  


To our new customers - Welcome!


To our potential customers - Join us!  Laundry is a chore!